Keep some useful Homeopathy Medicines for every home or when going out for any tour or vacation, where you may not get medicine. Homeopathy medicine treatment is totally symptomatic. I will discuss some medicine on which signs & symptoms which medicine will work nicely read that, keep all the listed homeopathy medicine with you; take any medicine after the doctor’s check-up & advice.

For Cough, cold & Fever, Some Important Homeopathy Medicines:

  1. Aconite Napellus 6 or 30 potencies: Any acute disease that comes suddenly and violently with restlessness repeated dose 2-3times in a small intervals.
  2. Allium cepa 3 or 6 Potency: Profused watery & acrid nasal discharge & bland lachrymation.
  3. Rhus Toxicodendron 30, 200, 1M potency: Very restless & Chilly patients. Tenderness of body, joints, ligaments, muscles, gout & rheumatic pain. Aggravate in damp, rainy weather & night. The patient gets relief from pain by changing his position or on the walk. Intermittent fever.
  4. Bryonia 30, 200 potency: Dryness of mucous membrane that is mouth, tongue, throat, larynx, trachea, nose, lips, respiratory etc. White or yellowish coated dry tongue with too much thrust for large quantities of cold water at long intervals. Worse from the slightest motion & amelioration or better on rest. Stitching pain & hard dry large stole. Dry cough & cold from summer or exposure to cold wind. Better lying on the painful side or absolute rest.
  5. Ammonium Carb 30 potency: Winter catarrh- blockage of nose mainly last night, difficulty breathing, feeling suffocating, breathing through the mouth, epistaxis after washing hands & face. Aggravate in cold or wet weather.
  6. Belladonna 6, 30, 200 potency: Red face & eyes. Throbbing, redness of carotids, heat & burning, fever & colic pain comes suddenly & goes suddenly, headache, painful larynx (throat pain). High fever with delirium & no thrust. Boils or abscess readies, throbbing & sensitive on tough. Repeated dose in acute disease. In high fever, low potency is very useful with Ferrum phosphoricum 6x biochemical medicine with interval.
  7. Dulcamara 30: Fever, cough & cold with fever exposure to cold wet rainy weather. Catarrhal condition of the nose, there is profuse watery discharge & loss rattling cough, coryza of newborn baby. the stool is a greenish, watery, undigested food substance with a mucous, rash that may be seen.
  8. Arsenicum Album 30, 200 potencies: Burning pain, relief by heat & anxiety. All aggravate on the night & better on warm drinks. Too much restlessness, Bronchitis & asthma.
  9. Arsenicum Iodatum 6,30 potency: Sneezing with watery, thin, irritating, excoriating discharge from nose & eyes.
  10. Antimonium Crudum 30 or 6: In children who can’t bear touching & irritated, the tongue is thickly milky white coated.
  11. Antimonium Tatraricum 6 or 30 potencies: Take Loud rattling sound & large collection of mucous but little expectoration with the cough. Thirstless but a thirst for little cold water or often. A desire for apples, fruits. Aversion to milk & tobacco. The patient feels better on expectoration, seating up, open cold air & aggravate on lying down at night & damp cold weather.

Stool, Diarrhoea, Flatulence & Acidity know Some useful Homeopathy Medicines:

  1. Nux Vomica 30 0r 200 potencies: Acidity & nausea, vomiting generally in the morning, after eating sour taste. Can’t bear light, irritable, noises, odors, headache, belching, want to vomit, the patient feels chillness. Frequent ineffectual urging with pain & soft stool. Temporary relief pain after stool. Constant uneasiness in the rectum. Obstinate constipation & Diarrhea alternate in the patient. Heaviness in the upper abdomen.
  2. Carbo Vegetabilis 30 potency: Weak digestion, excessive flatulence, constructive pain extending to the chest, with distention of the abdomen, relief from belching & passing flatus, frequent, involuntary cadaverous smelling stool with the burning rectum, a patient wants to keep the clothes loss around the abdomen.
  3. Merc. Sol 30 or 6 potencies: Whitish mucous, bloody, very offensive stool. Cutting, colic & tenesmus, not relief after stool. Worse at night in a warm room & bed.
  4. China or Cinchona Officinalis 30 or 200 potencies: Diarrhoea acute or chronic, mainly at the night, undigested, painless, flatulence, debilitating sweat. Gallstone colic. Painful on slight touch but relieved by hard pressure on the abdomen. Always keep Useful Homeopathy Medicines with you.
  5. Podophyllum 6 0r 30 potency: Diarrhoea during tooth eruption, morning, hot summer weather -painless, profuse, fetid, gushing, greenish & watery stool. Prolapse of the rectum.
  6. Chamomilla 12 or 30: Mainly in children Irritable, angry, sensitive & thirsty. when child crying or irritable- the child quiet only when taken on the lap. the stool is hot, offensive, greenish, during dentition & intolerable colic pain.
  7. Hydrastis Can. Q, 6 or 30: Constipation during pain in the rectum, thick yellowish, ropy expectoration, tongue imprint of teeth, bitter taste.
  8. Croton Tiglium 6 or 30 potencies: Yellow, watery, profuse, urging, forcible shot out Diarrhea. Sudden gushing evacuation.
  9. Aloe Socotrina 30 or 200 potency: Mainly in Diarrhea patient has to hurry to the closet, early in the morning or immediately after food.
  10. Alumina 30 potency: Mainly for Constipation of nursing children & old people, difficult to evacuate. Dry, hard, knotty, mucous stool.

Useful Homeopathy Medicines for cuts-burns-trauma & wounds:

  1. Arnica Montana: Any sprain, bruised, sore, or any injuries from trauma any feeling all body as if beaten. Any injuries prevent the suppurative & septic condition and promote absorption. Pain in heart. When lying on the bed seems too hard – effective medicine is Arnica Montana Potency 30,200 & 1M and uses mother tincture (Q) for external use where there are no cuts or wounds. In chronic symptoms given higher potency is a much excellent result. For angina pain, Arnica Montana Potency 30 is seen a very good result, in preventing heart attacks.
  2. Give Calendula Officinalis-Q/potency/ointment: Homeopathic great antiseptic & promotes healing medicine. where clean, surgical cuts or lacerated or suppurative wounds, bed sore, burns, abscess or Carbuncle. Generally rapid healing in nature. external & internal use gives excellent results of mother tincture (Q). Worse from damp, cloudy weather.
  3. Rhus Toxicodendron potency 30, 200 & higher: Septicaemia, painful swelling of joints, tendons, ligaments & muscles. Aggravated from cold, wet, or rainy weather, better from walking and motion.
  4. Ledum Palustre Potency 30: Any punctured wounds from sharp, pointed instruments, nails, owls or rat bites, particularly if the wounded parts are cold.
  5. Ruta Gravaolens Potency 30,200 & mother tinctur Q: Injuries & bruised feeling whole body any pain in periosteum & bones.
  6. Cantharides mother tinctur (Q) dilute with cold water: For any burns & scalds, insects bits, vesicular eruptions, burning & raw sensation use-Cantharides 30 & external use in burns.
  7. Mercurius Sol: Any ulcer, vesicular & pustular eruption with yellowish & brownish crust & offensive discharge or abscess, when suppuration has set in with intense pain at night, not relief by either hit or cold- Give Mercurius Sol 30 potency. Mercurius Sol helps to dry any cuts, wounds & ulcer. This is the List of Important Homeopathy Medicine for cuts-burns-trauma & wounds.
  8. Hypericum-Q, 30 or 200 potency: Any injury involving nerves by bites animals. Prevents lock-jaw of tetanus. Mechanical injuries of the spinal cord, coccyx injury, neurites, Puncture wounds, crawling in hands & feet.
  9. Staphysagria Potency 30 or 200: Injuries from sharp cutting instruments and post-surgical operations.
  10. Symphytum 30, 200 & higher, mother tincture Q: Pain in periosteum & any non-union of fracture.

Written By- Dr. Biplab Kr, Ghosh Mondal


burhan · April 17, 2019 at 1:23 PM

i have nerve problem, my L4 L5 and S1 nerves are compressing, so too much pain in my legs, specially in night time. tingling and numbness also

    admin · April 19, 2019 at 9:05 PM

    This is a chronic case brief Check-up & medical history needed for proper treatment.

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