Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine

Keep some Important Homeopathy Medicine always with you know the use for Boils or Furuncle, Abscess, Carbuncle, Whitlow & Felon. Homeopathy medicine treatment is totally symptomatically, I will discuss some medicine as per sign &  symptom which medicine will work nicely read that, take any medicine after doctor check-up & advice. This is some list of medicine for without Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine.



Boils or Furuncle, abscess & Carbuncle :

Sign & Symptoms: Where the skin is reddish, acute inflammatory swelling, hot, tenderness or pain & appear a pustule. Fever may be seen.

A) When swelling is seen in skin, redness, throbbing, hotness, tenderness & nearest gland swelling is seen- Give Belladonna 30    

B) For Suppuration of boils- Give Hepar. Sulph. 6, For Suppression, give  Hepar. Sulph high potency

C) Swelling & Suppuration profuse -Give Merc. Sol. 30 help to dry.

D) Painful Boils, Which become blueish- Give Lachesis 30

E) In Summer Boils & return frequently- Give Sulphur 30 & when return Boil inflamed & swollen – Give Arnica Mont.30 


 Sign & Symptoms: Carbuncle is bigger from Boil & cause is Staphylococcus aurens, mainly attacks above 40yrs aged men. Commonly seen on back or nape of the neck.

 Carbuncle is very painful, a stiffness of swelling & rapidly mush in-duration. Skin is red, dusky & oedematous with pus formation. Central is soft & there is many opening with discharges, but treatment is individual.


A) At first, give Arnica Mont. 30 for prevent.

B) When comes burning pain aggravates in the night & restless- Give Arsenicum Alb. 30

C) When pain & burning is moderate, hit, sweat on the head & can’t sleep – give Silicea 30, 200. for  Suppurate or opening give Hepar Sulph 6 & bluish spot & blister give Lachesis 30

D) Give Anthracinum 30 when too much burning & several opening, slide blackish, watery, offensive pus secretion & wants to hold water bathing.

For abscess will be required same medicine as per sign & symptoms. 

For Whitlow, Felon: 

Whitlow- Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine

A) For prevent of Suppuration give Mercurius Sol. 30 & Sulphur 30 give frequently complete cure & remove the tendency to return. 

B) Silicea 30, 200 given when pain & swelling continues. Hepar Sulp. 6 given violent pain, swelling & throbbing with redness.

C) Arsenic Alb. 30 given when burning pain with restlessness & Lachesis 30 given when effected area deep red or bluish color.

D) Sometime Arnica Mont. 30 is helpful. For dryness Mers. Sol. 30 given 


Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine article will be continued later…….


Written By: Dr. Biplab Kr. Ghosh Mondal

Mob: +91 9830530696

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