What’s the website about?

This website to help for any medical need 365days , Here you can read medical articles, you can check your disease symptoms, you can ask any medical question to doctor, you can know about available local medical service provider information, you can prepare online exam & also here you can create a social medical group.

How to Check Symptoms?

Click in “Check Symptoms” & search what you are looking for.

About our Medical Blogs?

Click on “Medical Blogs”, Here you can read any medical articles. Read it be aware about you health.

How can i know local medical service provider information ?

Click in “Local Medical Guide” & see in “Advanced Search”. Select “Business Genre”  & write “Pin Code” Or  write Locality in “Address” and search.. Here you can about any local medical offers if available.


How can i prepare for medical exam?

Of course here you can prepare!  Click on “Online Exam” & select the category and start giving online exam. you will get 5 min to give 25 Question answer. After completing are see your marks & know the correct answer your questions.

What is MEDI-FRIENDS 365?

This is our social site, here you can create a social group. Create a Account, Login, chat with friends, Share & know information to other. Create a large Medical social group, be a our social help partner.

What we can find in “Medi-friends 365” social group?

Our Popular “Medi-friends 365” Groups are:

1)Medi-friends 365 days Social group

2)Interested Blood donor social Group

3)Job opening for Dentist- vacancy-for-dentist-in-india/

4)Job opening for Nursing in India

5)Job opening for Pharmacist in India

6)Job opening for physiotherapist in India  etc.