Acidity, dyspepsia & Gastritis- Homoeopathy medicine

Difficult digestion or indigestion, burning sensation at the pit of the stomach, accompanied with or followed by sour, belching, nausea, acid eructations & stomach can’t agree when anything is taken into the stomach. Sometimes coldness of extremities & even faintness. Know medicines for heartburn, sour stomach, water brash.

Acidity, dyspepsia & Gastritis

Acidity, dyspepsia & Gastritis

  • Aconite Nap 3, 30- Sudden inflammatory & tender in the abdomen, chilling of the stomach from drinking ice-water, shooting pain & high fever, anxiety & restlessness. The heaviness of stomach repeated vomiting better & bilious fluid of blood. Wants to give pressure on the stomach to bend double but not relief.
  • Nux Vomica 30, 200- Acidity comes generally after eating, nausea in the morning, sour, bitter eructations. A region of the stomach is very sensitive to pressure & painful. Wants to vomit, but can’t. Difficult belching of gas.
  • Ipecac 30- A Gastric problem from rich mixed food, ice cream etc. Clean tongue much saliva, constant nausea & vomiting. Pain around the navel & profound pain left to right with nausea.
  • Carbo Veg. 30- Too much flatulence, heaviness, fullness & sleepiness. Distended abdomen. Contractible pain extending to a chest. Temporary relief from belching, up of air tasting of the fat & food eaten. Sour, rancid or putrid eructations. Milk can’t tolerate. Where digestion is slow after overeating or eating tainted meats. Contractive or burning pain in the stomach, hiccough, rumbling in the abdomen. A tendency to diarrhoea. In chronic dyspepsia follows well after Nux Vom.
  • China 30, 200- Dyspepsia from milk & slow digestion, flatulence. Belching of bitter fluid or regurgitation of food, can’t get relief. Hiccough. Bloatedness, better on movement & gets an urging to stool after meals.
  • Pulsatilla 30, 200– Pain as from sub-cutaneous ulceration get tightness in the abdomen after a meal. Wants to lose cloth & relieved by eating again. Flatulence. Heartburn & dyspepsia, thirstlessness. Tongue coated with thick, rough, wide fur. Averse fat food, warm food & drinks. Taste of food remains a long time.
  • Asafoetida tincture, 6– Flatulence & regurgitation of fluid. Forcible eructation of gas. Pulsation in a pit of the stomach. Get disgusted of food with difficult rancid eructation & spasmodic tightness of the chest. Gurging & rolling of wind, which escapes afterward with loud & difficult eructation.
  • Arsenic Alb. 30, 200– Burning pain in stomach, can’t bear the sight or smell of food. To much thirsty, drinks much, but little at a time. Nausea, retching, vomiting after eating & drinking. Vomit of blood or bile or green mucous. Ill effects of vegetable diet, melons & watery fluids. Craves milk. Anxiety, restlessness & fear of death. Diarrhoea of undigested stool with violent tenesmus & burning of rectum & great prostration.
  • Anacardium 30,200– Always wants to eating, can’t tolerate empty stomach, eating relief the Anacardium
  • Antim Crud 30, 200- Desire for acids, Thrust evening & night. Constant belching. White coated tongue, nausea & vomiting. Overeating indigestible food. Worse from acid or excessive heat on summer. Vomiting of food or curdled milk.
  • Iris Vers. 6,30–  Great burning distress in epi-gastric & whole alimentary region. Colic pain in the umbilical region every few minutes. Nausea & vomiting & belching of winds.
  • Lycopodium tincture, 30,200– Flatulence, dyspepsia worse 4-8pm. Eating little food causes fullness of the stomach. Food tastes sour. Incomplete burning.  Eructation rises only to pharynx & burns for hours.
  • Diascorea 6,30– Share pain from the liver, shooting upward to the right nipple. Pain along with stratum & extend into arms. Share pain in the epigastric region, relieved by standing erect. Better walking about a bending backwards.
  • Hydrastis Can 30, 200– Great constipation & dyspepsia, bitter taste, gone feeling in stomach, bread or vegetable disagree.
  • Chellidonium M. 30, 200– Pain in under lower border of the right scapula. Pain in stomach & worse from pressure. Better by eating or hot milk.
  • Colocynth 6,30– Violent, cutting, tearing pains from acute gastritis. Wants to vomit, better on heard pressure & bending double.
  • Colchicum 30– Offensive flatus, offensive diarrhoea, in toluene of clothing. burning in stomach. Violent ratching followed by copious forcible vomiting of food & bile.
  • Lacesis 30,200- Any food causes distress. Pit of the stomach pain to touch, gnawing pain, relieved by eating, but return in a few hours due to heavy pressure & weight in the stomach. Empty swallowing more painful in the epi-gastric region than solid food.
  • Arg. Nit. 30, 200- Gnawing ulcerative pain at the pit of the stomach. Belching, nausea, accompanies gastric aliments. Wants to sweet but worse from sweets. Gastric ulcer & worse from pressure, immediately after eating.
  • Phosphorus 30– Cutting, burning pains & sever pressure in stomach after eating with the vomit of food, cold water is thrown up as soon as eat gets warms in the stomach.
  • Chamomilla 12,30– Foul eructations. Over sensitiveness from abuse of coffee & narcotics. Pain unendurable nausea. Aversion to warm drinks, night sweat, bitter & bilious vomiting.
  • Robinia 30 , tincture(Q)– Great distension of stomach & bowels. Flatulent colic. Nausea, sour eructations, profuse vomiting & of an intensely sour fluid.
  • Carica Pappaya tincture(Q)- Very useful dyspepsia & helping digestion of very weak patient. It also helps enlarged liver & spleen.
  • Phos. 6X– For sour eructations & sour vomiting & greenish diarrhoea.
  • Capsicum 30, tincture(Q)- Burning sensation tip of the tongue, throat & chest. Fetid odour from mouth. Stomatitis, too much thrust but drinking causes shuddering, vomiting.

Keep all this medicine for Acidity, dyspepsia & Gastritis it can help to cure permanently.

Written by- Dr. Biplab Kr. Ghosh Mondal

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