Treatment in Homeopathy Medicine

Keep some Important Homeopathy Medicine always with you know the use for different disease.  Homeopathy medicine treatment is totally symptomatically, I will discuss some medicine as per sign &  symptom which medicine will work nicely read that, take any medicine after doctor check-up & advice. This are some list of medicine for without Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine. 

Hydrocephalus: It is a condition of excess of cebrospinal fluid in the cranium. Symptom is excessive enlargement of fluid of head with widening of the anterior frontalle & occipital region. Eyes are bulging & looks downwards. Obstruction to cebrospinal fluid flow due trauma, meningitis & another cause.  Main medicine is Apis Mell, Appocynum, Belledona, Cal. Phos., Helleborus, Bacillilinum, Silicea, Zincum Met, Baryta Carb, Iodofornium.

Osteomyelitis:  It is an acute inflammatory condition of bone & occurs mostly in children under age of 18 & also seen in adults. Onset is sudden, fever, nausea, malaise& severe pain in periostrium. There is swelling redness & heat with rigor may come. Mainly trauma is main cause, near the end of the long bone, tibia, lower end of femur, iliac crest ,  maxilla or mandible. Staphylococci infection is the most responsible. Leucocyte count is high, in chronic indolent bone infection is sequestrum formation. In homeopathy medicine give a excellent result, it cures & response for a better treatment. Medicine is Chin. Sulph., Ars. Alb., Silicea, Phosphorus, Gun powder trituration, Cal. Phos., Cal. Flour., Merc. Sol., etc.

Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine

Treatment in Homeopathy Medicine

Disease of scrotum

  • Hydrocele: Swelling of scrotum with fluid & diagnosis is made by fluctuation & translucent test.

Different types of  Hydrocele- Congenital & Acquired varieties  and acquired varieties further classified into Primary & secondary. Primary  Hydrocele seen in middle aged & sometimes seen in childhood. It may be unilateral or bilateral. Primary Hydrocele is not tender, but secondary may be tender.  

Medicine is : Aurum Met., Apis Mell., Fluric Acid., Arnica Mont., Silicea, Rhus Tox., Helleborus, Graphities, Rhododendron potency 30 to 200


  • Orchitis: Severe pain & swelling of the testis & scrotum red and oedematous. There is different type of Treatment will be depending upon on sign & symptoms.  Medicine is Arnica Mont, Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Rhododendron, Heamamelis, Phytolocca, Spongia T., Merc Sol., Chemitis potency 30 to 200 & higher


Colic pain

  • Biliary colic(Cholelithiasis): Severe pain in right hyprochondrium region & radiate inferior angle of the right scapula, right shoulder joint and tenderness in Gall bladder region due to Cholecystitis & Cholelethasis(stone). Nausea & Jaundice may comes. History of flatulence, dyspepsia, Belching. Medicine is: Card. M.  , Ber. Vul., China, Diascoria, Chionanthus, Nux. Vom., Hydrastis Can., Lycopodium, Belladonna tincture to 30, 200
  • Acute Pancreatitis: Excruciating & agonizing pain in epi-grastric region. Pain is constantan in nature but not coliky. Profuse vomiting, tenderness is just above of umbilicus region. Pierce pain in back or left loin. Wants to sit on bed, bending forward. Give painkiller & hospitalized.


  • Appendicular(Appendicitis) : Pain in right lilac region, nausea, vomiting or temperature may come & some pain is radiates umbilical region. But its acute condition is very serious then unobstructive Appendicitis. Then surgery is needed. But in Chronic Appendicitis medicine is Belladonna, Ars. Alb., Card. M. , Colocynth, Diascoria, Lachesish, Nux. Vom., Merc. Sol.,


  • Renal Colic: Sudden pain start in the loin & radiate to testis, groin or inner side of thigh. Tenderness in renal angle due to stone. Stone in ureter, Kidney or bladder with urethra. Haematuria may comes. Medicine is Belladonna, Ber. Vul., Acid Nit, Diascoria, Colocynth, Nux Vom., Lycopodium, Eup. Perp., Caffeina, Buchu, Cantharis, Thalaspi,


  • Acute Salphingitis or Offoritis: Pain in hypogastric & lilac region and differentiate from acute Appendicitis. Therefore menstrual history of women, difficulty menstruation & abdominal rigidity, vaginal discharge may come, pain in right or left lilac region. Medicine: Colocynth,Merc. Cor., Ars. Alb., Chin. Sulph, Cimicifuga potency 30 or 200


Written By: Dr. Biplab Ghosh Mondal

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