As a Dentist, I had seen so common mistakes and negligence usually maximum patient do. The tooth is not only helping you for mastication of food & your look or aesthetic, but it also may take a very important role to maintain & improve your good overall general health (Fig. 1). Even the World Health Organization(WHO) accepted this poor oral health can cause so many other chronic general diseases, See the WHO (World Health Organization) view regarding Oral health, general health. Know about Common mistake, negligence which maximum patient usually do & also know about common dentist Advice to prevent your multiple Health issues, poor oral health can cause multiple other health problems
(Fig.3) .

Dentist Advice
Dentist Advice (Fig. 1)

Common dentist advice to Prevent oral & health disease:

  • Rinse mouth with water after every food, sometimes use Chlorhexidine mouthwash.
  • Brush your tooth twice-daily gently & use a soft/medium bristle toothbrush or you can use an electric toothbrush.
  • Use proper toothbrush & toothpaste. Don’t use regular Charcoal. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. Floss once daily & gently massage your gum with your finger.
  • Chewing habit of little hard & fibrous food is a good habit; don’t take always soft or liquid food. If you will chew then blood circulation on gum will increase & you can get healthy gum. Take balance diet.
  • Avoid Tobacco, Betelnut & Alcohol
  • Try to get Scaling treatment every 6th month, at least every year one time you should get scaling treatment.
  • If you are having caries or broken tooth, ulcer then gets the proper treatment.
  • If your tooth Restoration is compromised then get the necessary treatments & if you are using Denture or any appliances in our mouth then clean it regularly.
  • If you having caries or simple gum infection then gargle with warm salted water 3-4 times in a day, it generally helps to the infection. Sometimes it may cause pain, then avoid it.

Know the common mistakes and negligence usually maximum patient do:

  • Take care of milk teeth: Our experience is maximum people are not taking care of Milk tooth or Deciduous tooth, but they take cares to permanent tooth. A milk tooth shows the path of eruption of permanent teeth (Fig.2). So if the milk teeth will extract before, then at the time of permanent tooth eruption it can erupt in the wrong place. Take care of your milk tooth to prevent from caries, it also helps to build up a good habit to prevent the multiple diseases in future. Oral bad habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, nail-biting also can cause Orthodontic Problems (misaligned tooth).

Every six-month visit Dentist to get Scaling treatment & regular Check-up, dentist advice: Good Oral Hygiene is one of the important key factors to stay healthy. Mainly microorganisms are going inside to body through the mouth or through nose-by respiration or food & another part is cover by skin so microorganism can’t go inside. The microorganism which is going through the mouth that struck on the mouth & slowly goes inside the body causes infection & diseases. Poor oral health is a Risk for multiple diseases (Fig.3) like Heart Disease, Stoke, Caries, Gum Problems, Dementia, Diabetic, Digestion problem, Respiratory infections, Cancer & Pregnancy complications etc.

  • Tooth sensitivity & Bleeding gum: Tooth sensitivity can be an early indication of loss of tooth structure (caries, attrition, erosion, abrasion & fracture) & gum disease. Bleeding gum is a very common indication of gum disease. Tooth sensitivity & bleeding gum it may be easily cured, but maximum patient neglecting it & they are using different types of toothpaste or materials, influenced by different commercial advertisement or by someone; but they are not getting the proper treatment. Sometimes that toothpaste may give you temporary relief or sometimes they loss the tooth, but if you want correct treatment get dentist advice & with that, you can get the permanent relief & you can save your tooth.
  • Use proper toothbrush & toothpaste, brush your tooth gently: Brush your tooth twice daily gently & use the proper tooth brushing technique. Better to use a soft toothbrush, use an ultra-soft toothbrush if you are affected with tooth attrition, erosion & abrasion. Dentist advice is to change your toothbrush in every 3-4months. Use the proper toothpaste- Click to know about this.
  • Do not extract the tooth if restoration is possible: If you are having caries tooth then try to get restoration of that tooth, don’t extract your tooth if tooth restoration is possible. It is commonly seen that after extraction of tooth, side by tooth & opposite side tooth moves & shifting in that place(Fig. 4); it can cause gum problem-those tooth becomes weak. One more reason is for proper food mastication you should have the tooth, if you can’t masticate food properly you will get digestion problem & malnutrition. As per patients comfort, the natural tooth is much better than artificial tooth.
  • Advice regarding Orthodontic Problem & malocclusion: If you are having the orthodontic problem then commonly you may get poor oral hygiene, gum problem, tooth attrition, Temporomandibular joint problems & headache. 14-18 year of age is very ideal for Orthodontic treatment, although upto 25 years it can be ideal for orthodontic treatment. The common cause of the orthodontic problem is of family history, Oral bad habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, nail-biting, Over-Retained Primary (milk) Teeth & Premature milk tooth extraction etc.
  • Advice after Extraction Dentist advice: 
  1. The patient should keep the cotton tightly in the extracted socket for 1hr. Any problems after extraction contact your dentist.
  2. After extraction upto 24hrs patient should not take any hot item in the mouth. He/she can take ice-cream. He/she should take soft food.
  3. Don’t spit & suck; Swallow the saliva.
  4. After 24hrs of extraction, the patient generally advised to rinse the mouth with warm salted water daily 4-5times/day for 10 days.
  5. Do not disturb the surgical area. Do NOT rinse vigorously or probe the area with any objects, it helps to clot formation & wound healing
  6. Don’t take any tobacco & alcohol item at-least for a 10days after extraction. To know in details about advice after extraction- Click Here
  • Replace your missing tooth: Dentist advice is after extraction of the tooth, you should replace your tooth because, after extraction of the tooth, if you won’t replace the missing tooth for a long time then side by tooth & opposite side tooth moves in that place & that it causes changes in occlusion & gum problem-those tooth becomes weak. If you will replace the missing tooth, then you can somewhat protect from the movement of nearby tooth. For proper food mastication, you should have tooth, if you won’t masticate food properly you will get digestion problem & malnutrition. Other reason of tooth replacement is to stop tooth attrition & to stop Temporomandibular joint problem, lockjaw & aesthetic.

Why Missing Teeth Replacement is very important?

• Helps to masticate of food properly. Improper mastication can cause digestion problems.

• Improve Aesthetic (look) & smile (Fig. 5)

See the difference between, without teeth & with teeth
See the difference between, without teeth & with teeth (Fig. 5)

• Your teeth are designed in aligned to work together to help you chew. When teeth are missing, it is difficult to do these things. So if one or more is missing then side teeth can be drift out of position & change in occlusion(Fig. 6). Shifting of teeth position lead to gum problem, dental caries & spacing of tooth etc.

• Missing teeth can causes change in occlusion, trauma from occlusion & tooth attrition etc.

• Missing tooth can cause TMJ problems, facial pain, headache, lock jaw etc.

Written By: Dr. Anuran Ghosh Mondal


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