How to maintain Oral hygiene 

This is the common quarries how to Maintain oral hygiene is a key factor for General Health. Already i discussed in details about this, Poor Oral Hygiene can causes several Health disease. I will say how you will maintain oral hygiene. 

How to maintain oral hygeine

How to maintain Oral hygiene?

  • Rinse mouth with water after every food, sometime use Chlorhexidine mouthwash.
  • Stick to gentle, twice-daily brushing with a soft/medium bristle or electric brush, try to use dental floss. 
  • Use proper tooth brush & tooth pasteClean your tongue with tongue cleaner.
  • Floss once daily & you can massage gum with your finger.
  • Chewing habit of hard & fibrous food is a good habit, don’t take always soft or liquid food.
  • Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol
  • Also be sure to schedule regular dentist visits for plaque and tartar removal. Every 6 month visit Dentist for scaling treatment,for prevention of dental & general health problems.
  • If you are having caries or broken tooth, ulcer then get the proper treatment.
  •  If your tooth Restoration is compromised then get the  necessary treatments & if you are using Denture or any appliances in our mouth then clean it regularly.

Tooth brushing Technique:

1.Rotary Brushing Technique:

  • Fones Brushing Technique: it is simplest way for children tooth brushing place the toothbrush on a set of the teeth then activate the bristles by slightly pressing against the teeth 4-5 times on each set of the teeth and move to the next.

2.Vibratory motion technique:

  • Bass method : It is one of the effective type of the brushing technique. In this type bristles are placed directly apically 45-degree angle to the tooth surface or place parallel to the tooth surface press the bristles slightly so that they enter the gumline vibrate the brush back and forth with the 10-15 strokes for each position and move next to the teeth.
  • Stillman Brushing Technique: it is similar to bass technique with just slight modification of occlusal movement with short horizontal strokes. Bristles are directed apically & angles same as bass, Bristles are placed partly over cervical part of tooth and partly on adjacent gingival.
  • Charter brushing technique: it is the technique mostly used in presence of any appliance in oral cavity position the bristles towards the crown of the teeth the sides of the bristles are placed at gingival margin 45 degree to the long axis of the tooth short back and forth motions are given directly

3.Vertical Sweeping brushing technique:

  • Modified Bass / Modified Charter: follow the techniques mentioned in above technique at the end of each technique roll the brush towards the occlusal surface of the teeth full tuft occlusally after cervical area is cleaned by the prescribed method.

4. Horizontal Reciprocating Motion: Place the brush on either on left or right side of the teeth and the brush is moved along the side of the dentition to the back region and pull towards the front region.


Brushing tooth with toothpaste

How to BRUSH ? So many brushing technique are there to follow, but to simplify normally i will suggest follow this:

  • Place the toothbrush at a 45°angle with the gum line & give a mild rotate. Then for upper jaw tooth move the toothbrush upward to downward  motion & for lower tooth move the toothbrush downward to upward motion, and repeat for each tooth. Now you know how to maintain Oral hygiene
  • Brush two or three tooth at a time& continue for all tooth, start brushing from front side or back side.
  • Brush the top surface of all tooth. Brush the inside surface of each tooth, using the same back and forth technique.
  • Use tip of brush to brush behind each tooth — front and back, top and bottom and up and down strokes.
  • Brush properly to your tooth clean tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria.
  • Don’t use hard brush. You can use Electric brush. Use proper tooth paste. 

Conclusion: So now you know How to maintain Oral hygiene. So if you want stay health maintain Oral Hygiene also. If you have any dental problem get your proper treatment to stay healthy. 

Written By- Dr. Anuran Ghosh Mondal

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Orthodontist in Chicago · February 12, 2018 at 9:17 AM

Its a very informative blog, your site is doing wonderful job by providing medical information online. I suggest there should be something about orthodontic treatment as well such as the right age to start orthodontic treatment and something about invisalign and braces.

admin · February 12, 2018 at 2:10 PM

Ok.. Thank you for complement.. We will provide article about this topic..

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