Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine

Keep some Important Homeopathy Medicine always with you know the use for Sebaceous Cysts, Condyloma, Warts, Corns, Keloid, Hypertropic scar, Pimples & acne. Homeopathy medicine treatment is totally symptomatically, I will discuss some medicine as per sign &  symptom which medicine will work nicely read that, take any medicine after doctor check-up & advice. This are some list of medicine for without Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine.

Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine

Sebaceous Cysts: 

It cause due to blockage of the glands duct, which is mostly open into the hair follicle. It contains yellowish, white cheesy sebum &  pultaceous material, maximum time one black spot is seen on the swelling. Cyst wall may lead to a painful boggy, fungating & discharging mass.

Baryta Carb 200 or 1M, Bazic Acid 30, Connium Mac 200 or 1M, Graphites 200 or 1M, Hepar sulph 6 or 30, Sepia 30 or 200 or higher, Fluric Acid 200 or higher, Kali Brom 30 or 200, Silicea 30, 200 or higer potency.


It is the secondary stage of Syphilis, occurs at the muco-cutaneous junction- that is angle of the mouth, anus & vulva etc. This looks like a fungating flat growth with moist & sodden surface.

Medicine: Acid Nit. , Nat. Mur., Bufo, Silicea , Ruta. G.,Staphysagria , Cinnabaris,


It is little papillomatous growth of the sycotic origin. It is found children, adolescent & young adult. There are many types of  Warts Fleshy, peducular, horny, spongy, Fig warts, Cauliflower etc. Some Warts comes into by contact by kiss. Warts generally seen in face, hand, foot, knees, sole, axilla, neck, also over tough & private parts.


  1. Sycotic ,Syphilitic, bleeding, painful, moist, genitoanal warts- give Acid Nit. 30, 200 or higher
  2. Warts on face, tongue , nose, side of nails, flashy- give Thuja Oc. 200, 1M or higher, Causticum 30,200 & high
  3. Horny, broad, hand & face, finger, eyebrow, contagious warts- give Causticum, Rhus Tox., Sepia, Cal. Carb., Dulcamara, Nat. Mur. 30,200 & higher potency.
  4. Fig, flat, smooth, pedunculated, brittle etc. warts – give Thuja Oc., Antim Crud, Cal carb., Lycopodium etc. 30,200 & higher potency.
  5. Crippled, Crackes warts- Give Silicea , Flouric Acid etc 30,200 & higher potency.
  6. Adolecents period- Give Sepia, Thuja Oc., Sulphur , Antim Crud Etc. 30,200 & higher potency.

It is seen in small joint of the extremities, cause is unknown, Not only tight boots any shoes but certain hypertrophy of the epidermis.

Give medicine as per constitution, temperament & other circumstances. Medicine is Antim Crud, Fluric Acid, Rhus Tox, Bryonia , Lycopodium, Phosphrus, Sulphur, Artica Mont., Cal Flor. etc 30,200 & higher potency.

Keloid & Hypertropic scar: 

It is over growth of the fibrous tissue, mainly occur after wounds, i.e. Burns, Healing of cut injury, ulcer, Vaccination, after healing of boils.

Medicine is Graphitis, Flouric Acid , Silicea, Cal. Flour., Acid Nit. etc 30,200 & higher potency.

Keloid Scar



Pimples & acne on face –body:

The Remedies are given as per constitution, structure, fleshy , young & girls at puberty, tubercular & Syphilitic children, sexual excess, menstrual disorder, abuse cosmetic etc.

Medicine Calcariea Pic., Calcariea Carb., Belladonna, Sulphur, Acid Phos, Kali brom, Sepia, Nux Vom., Carbo. Veg. , Ledum Pal, Arnica Mont, Antim Crud, Berberis Aqu. , Pulsatilla, Hepar Sulp. Etc 30,200 & higher potency.

Surgical Treatment cured by Homeopathy medicine will be continued in other articles


Written By: Dr. Biplab Kr. Ghosh Mondal

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