Root Canal Treatment or RCT

Root canal treatment or RCT is an Endodontic treatment is performed to save a damaged or badly infected tooth to treat the infection or inflammation when the centre & inner part within the tooth, known as the pulp, portion the blood vessels, nerves and living connective tissues, periapical tooth structure become infected or inflamed.

Tooth anatomy & Supporting tooth structure: To Understand about RCT before you should the normal tooth anatomy. Tooth Crown portion has important 3 structure Enamel, Dentin & Pulp and Root portion have Cementum, Dentin & Pulp. To know in details about Tooth anatomy Click Here.

Common Indication of Root Canal Treatment or RCT:

  • Deep dental caries or loss of tooth structure when reached to Pulp
  • Infected or inflamed Pulp
  • Perio-endo lesson
  • Infection to the inner part of the tooth, Connective tissue & supporting structure
  • Intentional RCT, Commonly for Prosthetic- Crown or Cap preparation.
  • Tooth discolouration

To know in details about Cause of Caries, Prevention & treatment Click Here

How Root Canal Treatment or RCT procedure done?

Diagnostic and preparation: The tooth is clinically diagnosed & investigated with x-ray & short course of Antibiotic is given.

Root Canal Treatment procedure is done by drilling out the outer enamel & dentin part of the tooth under local anaesthesia. First, the Dentist reached the pulp chamber, where the infected or inflamed pulp is present. The next step is an exploration of a root canal, removal of the remaining pulp tissue and infected tissue. The infected pulp is then taken out with the help of long needle-shaped drills called files, Remears, Protaper files, K-flex, Headstroem ( H-files) etc.

Root Canal treatment, Procedure

After successful removal of the pulp, Canal shaping done, then Pulp chamber is irrigated with a different irrigating solution like Sodium Hypochlorite, EDTA etc. Then the root canal is disinfected with the help of intracanal medicaments with Calcium Hydroxide or Chlorhexidine Digluconate or Sodium Hypochlorite etc. The disinfection procedure is done by using a plastic pipette or a syringe. Finally, filling (obturation) of a root canal is done with an inert filling material called gutta percha.

Root canal treatment is commonly done in 3-4 days appointment, depending upon tooth infection. After successful treatment of RCT you should use tooth crown, because after RCT tooth becomes brittle & if you won’t use crown tooth may fracture. After completing the RCT regular maintains- cleaning, scaling is also very important.

RCT is it very Painful?

It is not very painful, but it is a little bit time consuming than other regular treatments. Commonly only first-day local anaesthesia is used to anaesthetise. Generally, the first day of RCT is a little bit painful.



  • With the help of Root Canal Treatment or RCT, we can save the tooth.
  • Generally, Root canal treatment is commonly done within 3-4 days of appointment.
  • After successful treatment of RCT, you should use tooth crown.
  • After completing the RCT regular maintains- cleaning, scaling is also very important for RCT success.

Written By: Dr. Anuran Ghosh Mondal

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