Loss of hair from the scalp

Loss of hair is very common problem, it can affect just your scalp or your entire body. It can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications. Anyone men, women and children can experience hair loss. Baldness typically refers to excessive loss of hair from your scalp.

Lose of hair from the scalp occurs for various causes:

  1. Alopecia(Baldness) : It is interruptedly in the normal proliferation of hair follicle from various causes. Treatment is unsatisfactory. 
  2. Scaly scalp(Dandruff, psoriasis etc.): Treatment done by medicine cause of scaly scalp
  3. Irritable condition on scalp: It is cureable by medicine & washable by shampoo. It is mainly eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc
  4. Ring warm infection(Tinea Capitis) mainly in children: This symptoms is broken of hairs & scaling of scalp may be or may not be. Inflammation with small patch (ring warm) also seen & hair stumps appear black dots. Without treatment it can’t be cured. Use shampoo & antiseptic homeopathy lotion, with parasite treatments. 
  5. Gray hair (white hair): It generally occurs in adult & aged, but gray hairs appear in childhood or early aged. Individual treatment is symptomatic, but control bases. 
  6. Use of some drugs, chemical & hair dyes: It occurs dermatitis, eczematous, rediesh, exudation, oedematous & also effected forehead,eyelids, eyebrow & face. It is cured only by homeopathy antiseptic medicine & lotion medicine.   
  7. Hypertrichosis(excessive growth of hair) mainly occurs from congenital: Treatment of disturbance of endocrine function if patient want’s & control deformity of hair. 
  8. Environment, pollution, some water hazards & genetics.
  9. Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy etc.
  10. Pregnancy, deficiency of nutrition or for some hormonal change. 

Loss of Hair from scalp for different reason

Homeopathic Medicine: Medicine will be symptomatic for individual, i will say some list of good medicine for hair loss.

In oral: Flouric acid, Graphites, Arsnenic Alb.,Psorinum, Borax, Sepia, Mezerium, Natrum Mur., Baryta Carb., Calcaria carb, Acid Nit., Acid Phos., Pix. Liquida, Vinca minor, Lycopodium, Tuberculinum, Staphisagria, Bacillinum etc. as per direction by physician.

For external: Arnica Mont., Cantharis, Amloki, Acid phos, Jaborindi, Cephalandra Indica, Calendulla,Nyctanthis Arbornriotis, Pix. Liquida & Five phos biochamic dust. this medicine are tincture with hair oil as per direction by physician.


By: Dr. Biplab Kr. Ghosh Mondal

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