Tulsi or Holy Basil, Benefits & Uses

Tulsi also knows Holy Basil & Ocimum tenuiflorum has known very good therapeutic power. It has a rich history from past 3,000 years ago to ancient Indian uses; it finds its place in the ancient science of Ayurveda, it is also a holy plant in Hinduism. Apart from the Indian subcontinent, it can also be found in tropical regions of most Southeast Asian countries.

Tulsi or Holy Basil, Benefits & Uses

Tulsi or Holy Basil nutritional value is also high, as it contains:

  • Vitamin A, C & K
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Chlorophyll
  • Eugenol
  • Essential oils
  • Carbohydrates & other

Health Benefits of Tulsi or Holy Basil:

  1. Fighting bacterial, viral infections, common colds & bronchitis
  2. Cures Fever- Holy basil has excellent antibiotic, germicidal, fungicidal, and disinfectant property and very effectively protects our body from all sorts of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.
  3. Cures Respiratory Disorders & Asthma
  4. Reduce stress and anxiety- It has a natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress and promotes mental balance. Scientific research shows that holy basil has pharmacological properties to help your mind cope with many types of stress.
  5. Prevents Heart Diseases: A 2017 study published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal throws light on the use of tulsi for chronic cardiovascular diseases. Holy basil contains vitamin C and other antioxidants such as eugenol, which protect the heart from the harmful effects of free radicals. Additionally, eugenol is very beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.
  6. Lower your blood sugar: If you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, all parts of the holy basil plant can help reduce your blood sugar. Animal and human trials have shown that holy basil can help prevent symptoms of diabetes such as:
  • weight gain
  • hyperinsulinemia, or excess insulin in the blood
  • high cholesterol
  • insulin resistance
  • hypertension
  1. Dental care: Some study says it protects from dental cavities, plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Tulsi is an excellent mouth freshener and an oral disinfectant and its freshness last for a very long time. Holy basil can destroy germs and bacteria in the mouth. Tulsi has antioxidant property it may help to prevent oral cancer.
  2. Prevent from inflammation, Cancer & ageing: It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and protects the body from nearly all the damages caused by free radicals in the body, which can help to Prevents Premature Aging & prevent cancer.
  3. Skin Care- Simply applying the paste of its leaves or mixed with your bath water, washing your face with it, on an infected area of the skin in case of skin diseases. Rubbing Tulsi leaves or its extracted oil on the body keeps mosquitoes and other insects away. External application on the skin also removes extra oil from the surface of the skin. https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/herbs-and-spices/health-benefits-of-holy-basil-tulsi.html
  4. Kidney Stones- Some study says it prevent Kidney Stones.
Tulsi or Holy Basil, Benefits & Uses

Tulsi or Holy Basil, Benefits & Uses

Contraindication & Side effects of Tulsi or Holy Basil:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women better to avoid Tulsi.
  • Hypoglycemia- Tulsi is taken to lower their blood sugar levels, but if people who are suffering from diabetes or hypoglycaemia and are under medication consume Tulsi, it might lead to an excessive reduction in blood sugar.
  • Tulsi may not be good for those with thyroid disease
  • Excess consumption of Tulsi can lead to eugenol overdose.
  • Excess consumption of Tulsi has noticed Blood thinning property, who is taking anti-clotting medications, should avoid Tulsi.
  • Surgery- Tulsi may slow blood clotting, so there is a concern that it could increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.
  • Excess dose might Impact on Fertility.


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