Malaria occur in human being due to bite of female Anopheline mosquitoes. Human gets malaria mainly after feeding of human blood by a infected mosquito.
Incubation period: 10-20days or months. It has 4 varieties that is plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium malaria, Plasmodium ovale & Plasmodium falciparum. 
Onset:  Fever continuous or remittent type. first rigor or chill, headache, pain in limbs & joints. Temperature rising, skin, dry & hot, nausea, vomiting & delirium. It stay 4-5hrs, fall the temperature with profuse sweat. Sometime fever comes every alternet days, every 2 or 4days. Those are uncompleted but rarely fatal that is benign forms. 
But in malignant malaria difficult to diagnosed. Mainly occur from P. falciparum.
-High fever atleast 12hrs. & continue for day. Delirium, Stupor, Shock & Coma.
-Sometime Hemiplagia occur. 
– Spleen is enlarged, develop cachexia & rash in skin.
– Malaria can cause abdominal symptoms like epigastic pain, discomfort, vomit or bloddy vomiting(haemoptysis), sometime vomit bile, with mucous blood in stool.
-Occur haemolytic jaundice & anemia.
-Mosquito larvae clean from tracts & swamps.
-Through Stagnant water. 
-In broad breeding places, sprays kerosene with DDT(Dicophane) powder & bleaching. 
-In individual protection must be used mosquito nets. In room mosquito insecticide can be
-As per diagnosis depends on symptoms: China, Aresenic Album, Uperium perforatum, Arnica Mont, Chin. Ars. , Sulphur, Gelsemium, Ipecac, Natrum Mur. , Carbo Veg., Veretrum Album, Nux Vomica, Apis mell etc. Drink sufficient water.
By: Dr. Biplab Kr. Ghosh Mondal
Spandan Homeo Clinic, Shibpur, Howrah
Mob: 9830530696


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