Chikungunya is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus, Chikungunya virus spreads through biting of Ades aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquito.  Mainly Ades mosquito bites in day time. This is  viral infection can’t spread directly by one people to other. Mosquito generally transmit the disease by biting an infected person & then bite anyone. Usually this disease is not a fatal. 

Incubation Period: 1-12days


  • Fever, reddish rash mainly in abdomen, limbs & face.
  • Main symptoms is body, joint pain & mallage. 
  • Headache, nausea,pain in eye ball, conjunctiva photo phobia. Throat chocked like as Diptheric patch.
  • In Ankle, elbow joint, foot, palm can develop edema first or second days of fever.
  • Sometimes skin blooded(petechiae), epistaxis
  • Fever stay 2-6 days then comes down but other symptoms can’t subside, joints pain can lasting up to 6 months. Sometime burning also can be seen.
  • Sometime on elder patient after 60yrs hypertension & diabetic is seen. 
  • Severe cases can result in neurological, retinal, and cardiological complications as well.
  • Temporary damage to the liver may problem can be seen.


  • Clinical 
  • Elisa Test
  • Sometime thrombocytopania can be seen
  • Blood test for viral isolation on early stage.


  • Mosquito larvae clean from tracts & swamps.
  • Through Stagnant water.
  • In broad breeding places, sprays kerosene with DDT(Dicophane) powder & bleaching.
  • In individual protection must be used mosquito nets. In room mosquito insecticide can be used.


Homeopathy Treatment will be symptomatic. Rhus tox, Ruta G., Belledona ,Influenzinum,  Haemalis Q. , Arnica Mont-external & potency,   Eupatorium perfol, Gelsemium, Pyroginum etc is very useful Homeopathy medicine.

-Drink sufficient water & Take rest.

                                                                                         Written By- Dr. Biplab Kr. Ghosh Mondal



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