www.medihelp365.com is for Medical Help 365 days, planning to provide nice discount rated/ concessional rated check-up & treatments; for the event of World Health Day – 7th April, International Day of Families- 15th May, National Doctors’ Day on all across India- 1 July & World Population Day- 11 July. We are planning to provide this opportunity only from our associate’s medical service providers for improving social health status. We are also requesting/inviting all medical service providers to join in our programs & provide some good offers.

Medical service should reach to the grass level of the society, our aim & mission is, reaching to them by providing them the basic amenities of healthcare.  We have seen many peoples they are not aware of their health conditions & neglecting it. Our aim is to reach them by multiple activities, provide them medical service at lowest/concessional rates, aware & educate them about their health condition to improve the social health conditions. We want to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation.


  • Dental Check-up: Rs.50/Patient
  • General Check-up: Rs.100/Patients
  • 40% discount on Scaling & normal tooth filling (Composite, Zinc oxide eugenol filling etc.) treatments.
  • Root canal treatments Cost: 10%-15% discount
  • Missing tooth replacement: 10%-15% discount
  • Orthodontic Treatments: 10%-15% discount
  • Diagnostic test with best offers
  • All other treatments will be provided in the available offer price


  • To register your name/your family for discount rated/ concessional rated check-up & treatments – Click here & fill the form or drop us a mail at- [email protected]
  • If you are a medical service provider, interested to join in our program & join in our chain to provide some offers- Click here, fill the form or drop us a mail at- [email protected] & mention in details.
  • You should register your name with us to get our all opportunities, after registration, if you want to take our opportunity, then you have take prior appointment from our associates. You will get different offers, based on the available service provider offers.
  • You can get this opportunity only from our associates, based on our/their instruction, terms & conditions.
  • Discount & cost of the treatment will be depending upon tooth, treatment option & conditions.
  • This offer is valid from 07/04/2019- 15/07/2019 only for registered members.
  • “World Health Day- Medihelp365.com Programs” are providing a free platform for sharing offers information as an initiation to improve social health status.

Some Important Days in April 2019:

World Health Day – 7th April

National Safe Motherhood Day, India- 11th April

Tamil New Year, Nepali New Year & Mesadi- 14th April

Bengali New Year- 15th April

World Hemophilia Day- 17th April

Easter- 21th April

Earth Day- 22th April

World Malaria Day- 25th April

Some Important Days in May 2019:

World Asthma Day- 7th May

World Red Cross Day- 8th May

International Nurses Day & Mother’s Day- 12th May

International Day of Families- 15th May

World Hypertension Day- 17th May

World No Tobacco Day- 31st May

Some Important Days in June 2019:

World Environment Day- 5th June

World Blood Donor Day- 14th June

International Day of Yoga- 21 June

Anti-Drugs Day- 26th June