This Website is developed for “Medical Help 365days” by our team members & this is a part of “Net Disha”. is the largest growing Medical Informative platforms in India, provides some basic services to the medical service provider’s & trying to improve the social health status. We are mainly focused on medical services & we are collecting the information on the best available offers provided by the medical team/ medical-related service providers. We are making an appeal to everyone, help others on medical needs & improve social health; become an equal partner in the progress of the nation.

We are creating a Medical Platform to work together on Medical needs. We will work to educate people to bring Health awareness. All Medical service provider is invited to join in our Platform– If you want to join with us- Click Here.

Here you can know about your local medical service provider. You can also know Local “Offer”. To get it easy Search in “Local Guide” with your area “Pin Code” & “What you are looking For”. Example- in “Select Category” select Dentist or hospital etc. & write “Pin Code” and search. You can also know about which all service providers are offering a discount on “Family Health Card”. We are trying to collect the information of interested blood & organ donors. We will share that information with everyone on medical need. If you area interested donor then let us know.

Join our “Medi-friends 365” days social group, to do this Create an Account then Login & start chatting with our members-friends. Here you can read medical articles & check the symptoms of your disease for information and awareness. You can read everything in your own language. If you having any disease or symptom consult & visit the doctor for proper treatment, without doctor check-up & advice don’t take any medicine & don’t take any treatment. Start talking with your friends & can helps your friends for any medical need & know medical updates, share any information with others. Here you can also create a group & also can join other existing groups.

Online Exam & Medical Updates: You can prepare for any medical-related exam. Give online exam to prepare for Premedical Exam Or Postgraduate entrance exam. You can also know about various medical updates.

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