Taking Meals at right time is crucial

Studies, Published in Cell Metabolism, says that eating late in the day may slow metabolism and promote fat storage

Research suggests eating early and within a 10-hour window is healthier

According to a study from researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital, participants who taken food four hours later in the day were more hungry, burned calories at a slower rate and had body changes that promoted fat growth

A recent study finds that eating a late dinner can cause weight gain and high blood sugar levels regardless of calories. Try to take dinner within 7PM

According to a research conducted last year, dinner times can affect the health, it can in fact, increase the risk of stroke

Having a healthy meal at night can help improve sleep, however having it at the wrong time can disrupt sleep

Eating dinner at the right time can lower inflammation, stress and anxiety levels and improve digestion, all of which are also likely to affect the weight of an individual, if not taken care of