Migraine is a typical periodic unilateral headache with associated disturbance of vision & sometimes nausea with vomiting & photophobia. If maybe an occipital headache, vertigo with diplopia. There are multiple factors which can aggravate Migraine headache.

Factor Can Trigger or aggravate Migraine Headache? 

1)  Factors of attacks are sudden highlights, sun lights 2) Menstruation & menopause- Hormonal changes can cause a migraine headache. 

3)  Mental Stress & strain- When you’re stressed & strain, the brain releases chemicals that can cause the blood vessel changes which may lead to a migraine.

4) Changes in weather & climate: Storm fronts, changes in barometric pressure, strong winds, or changes in altitude can all trigger a migraine.

5) Caffeine 6) Alcohol- Drinking alcohol may Trigger 7)  Excess or poor Sleep

8) Some foods- citrus fluids, cheese, chocolates & other foods.  9)  Salty food- some study says salty food may trigger. 

10) Glaucoma    11) Exercise &  excess Physical stress  12) Intense Sound

13)  Contra septic pills  14) Vasodilators 15) Old aged cervical spondylitis, tumours of occipital lobs, chronic nephritis etc.  

Migraine headaches seem to run with in the families. Four out of 5 people with the condition have other family members who have them. If both parents have them, the risk jumps upto 75%. 

Know in details about Migraine, how you can reduce it & Homeopathy Medicines