When you take cold or hot or sweet then you are getting a painful experience like Tooth Sensitivity. Sensitivity is not a disease, it's  Symptoms of a disease. 

Dr. Anuran Ghosh Mondal ,  renowned Dentist says , few patients are using Sensitivity toothpaste after watching  commercial ads & few are get temporary relief. But to get permanent relief & to protect the teeth solve the cause of sensitivity. 

When Tooth Sensitivity (Dentin Hypersensitivity)Happen?

When second layer of tooth structure Dentin is exposed. Dentin's one of the important structure is Dentinal Tubule. 

Dentinal Tubule is tube like structure which present inner to outer side direction of tooth, when it exposed then impulse from outside, it irritates the inner structure of tooth pulp & causes tooth sensitivity. 

Anti-Sensitivity toothpaste  block the Dentinal tubule  & gives temporary reliefs from tooth sensitivity.  

How Dentinal Tubule is Exposed?

– Tooth Caries – Tooth gum disease-Gingivitis & Periodontitis- Root is Exposed

– Loss of tooth structure, which can be due to Tooth Attrition, Erosion, Abrasion, trauma & Tooth Grinding.  – Fractured teeth

– Compromised tooth restoration or broken restoration – Due to some poorly restored metal filling.  – Exposed tooth root etc.